My Dad’s Salute…

I love my dad.  Period.  I am proud of him for serving his country, my country, during the Vietnam War, and the other years that he served totaling 20 years.  My dad is a United States Air Force veteran.  I remember growing up on Air Force bases in places like England, Spain, Florida, California, and Texas.  He is a knowledgeable man who always does his job 110% and takes his responsibilities in his work very seriously.  It’s the only way he knows how.

One of my lasting memories of my dad took place last November, when one of his fellow veterans passed away; his brother, Jimmy.  Jimmy and my dad were always very close.  Jimmy was so much more than just a brother to my dad.  They were friends.  They would talk often on the phone, and would get together any opportunity they could, especially Memorial Day.

Each year, the little church down in Ola, right outside of Kaufman, holds a special Memorial Day Service, that is attended by a small handful of folks, including my dad and Jimmy.  This year, Jimmy won’t be there, in body.  But my dad, is still here.  He suffers with physical issues that leaves him constantly short of breath, and he struggles, and it takes quite a bit out of him to do anything physical.  But, he’s still here.

Last November when my Uncle Jimmy passed away, we had his burial at the DFW National Cemetery, where a lot of our veterans are buried.  At the final farewell to Jimmy, there was a gun salute given and Taps was played.  During Taps, my father, who was exhausted from everything he had gone through that day, got to his feet from his wheelchair, and stood at attention and saluted his brother.  My dad’s salute…will not be forgotten, forever.

Thank you Lord for this country, and all the men and women who have served and are serving and will serve to protect our freedom.  Thank you for our freedom…that comes from you, O Lord.


6 Responses to “My Dad’s Salute…”

  1. Nice post Sherman. Reminds me of my dad… we lost him two years ago to an unexpected heartattack, but he was a retired Marine and like your dad, was a hard worker all his life. A man with good morals and an even better heart.

  2. Sara Bledsoe Says:

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing this about your dad. I love getting the chance to read anything and everything that is similar or related to our military. I love getting to understand or see what our armed forces are really like…not the stuff you see on TV, but the real stuff that comes from the heart. I’m glad I got to go to the Memorial Day thing at 5 Star this morning…no matter how hot or sunburned I was/am. I think of it as an honor to get to wittness stuff like that. It’s like you said in church yesterday: the lump in my throat gets REAL big…but with joy and sadness. I think it would be great to do more stuff like greet the troops again…just thowing that out there.
    I love you, Sherman! Thanks for everything you do and all that your dad has done…tell him that for me, would ya’?
    Once again…AWESOME.

    • Thanks Sara! What you said is awesome, and true, and appreciated. My dad should be checking this so he might respond too. I love you too!

    • Gerald Gardner Says:

      Hi Sara this is Who? Sherman’s dad. my honor to be in contact with you and share our love for Sherman and family including you and others. You and the other young in your group must be strong and and have fath, cause this great country needs you and all you can give. We and our leaders have become so selfish and greedy, and a lot of our freedom is slowly being taken from us . I love my country.
      Bless you

  3. Sherman your Dad and Jimmy were close. They loved to talk be it in person are on the phone.They wre in Vietnam at the same time for awhile. My children remarked about Gerald’s salaute how he stood for the whole time they played taps. Billie Jean

  4. Tina Stewart Says:


    There is something very special to be said about the kind of Dad you have . . .

    I salute Mr. Gerald Gardner for being the MAN he is and for HIS service to our country. Gerald is very patriotic and loves his country. Gerald loves his family, I know this.

    I love Gerald with all my heart. I could not take my eyes off him while Taps was being played at Jimmy’s service. I knew that was an unimaginable thing to be going through.

    I Love Gerald, you & all extended family always ~
    Tina Stewart

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