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My Dad’s Salute…

Posted in Personal on May 25, 2009 by Sherman Gardner

I love my dad.  Period.  I am proud of him for serving his country, my country, during the Vietnam War, and the other years that he served totaling 20 years.  My dad is a United States Air Force veteran.  I remember growing up on Air Force bases in places like England, Spain, Florida, California, and Texas.  He is a knowledgeable man who always does his job 110% and takes his responsibilities in his work very seriously.  It’s the only way he knows how.

One of my lasting memories of my dad took place last November, when one of his fellow veterans passed away; his brother, Jimmy.  Jimmy and my dad were always very close.  Jimmy was so much more than just a brother to my dad.  They were friends.  They would talk often on the phone, and would get together any opportunity they could, especially Memorial Day.

Each year, the little church down in Ola, right outside of Kaufman, holds a special Memorial Day Service, that is attended by a small handful of folks, including my dad and Jimmy.  This year, Jimmy won’t be there, in body.  But my dad, is still here.  He suffers with physical issues that leaves him constantly short of breath, and he struggles, and it takes quite a bit out of him to do anything physical.  But, he’s still here.

Last November when my Uncle Jimmy passed away, we had his burial at the DFW National Cemetery, where a lot of our veterans are buried.  At the final farewell to Jimmy, there was a gun salute given and Taps was played.  During Taps, my father, who was exhausted from everything he had gone through that day, got to his feet from his wheelchair, and stood at attention and saluted his brother.  My dad’s salute…will not be forgotten, forever.

Thank you Lord for this country, and all the men and women who have served and are serving and will serve to protect our freedom.  Thank you for our freedom…that comes from you, O Lord.