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I Love Saturday Mornings and Being in Neutral…

Posted in Personal on January 10, 2009 by Sherman Gardner

I love to sleep in.  But sleeping in for me is like all the way to 8:00 am!  I’ve worked with teens for 22 years and it has always amazed me that the majority of them can sleep until noon and beyond, without batting an eye!  I guess batting an eye while you’re asleep would be a minor feat!  Not to mention weird.  They say (the experts) that teens need more sleep than adults…I guess teens want to prove the experts right.  Kudos to the teens!

But I really love Saturday Mornings!  I like to get up before the rest of the family and have quiet time.  Quiet time is hard for most of us to come by, isn’t it?  On Saturday mornings I like to sit in my recliner and write, read, pray, design, plan, think or idle my thoughts completely, pray, email, facebook and myspace, pray some more, study…it’s a very liberating time just for me.

I think one of my favorite parts of all that is when I can truly ‘idle my thoughts’. You know what I mean by that?  Just completely at ease…resting and relaxing but not sleeping.  I call it “being in neutral”.  The word says, “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).  For me, being still is “being in neutral”.  That’s some of  the times that I best hear God.

Try it some times…Being in Neutral.  Alone.  In the quiet.  He speaks.  Ahhhhh…Saturday Mornings.