About my Uncle Jimmy…

Today heaven got a little sweeter.  My sweet Uncle Jimmy stepped through the gates into a place where he will hurt no more.  I hated seeing him these last few weeks of his life and how bad he hurt and struggled for breath.  But now he is PERFECTLY fine!  Thanks to God!

Jimmy lived life hard and fast for a good part of his life, but he knew the Lord for a long time, and got involved in his church over the past several years.  I was blessed to be able to visit with him about his spirituality over the last several weeks.  He was sure about his eternity, and I am thankful that I had the honor to visit with him about it.

Jimmy was such a great person to visit with.  He was such a mild mannered spirit.  He was pretty quiet and unassuming, but always very very helpful.  He always liked to pitch in.  He never really complained much, except for being in the hospital.  Then the nurses REALLY would have their hands full.

Growing up, I always loved it when my dad’s family got together.  There was my dad Gerald, his sisters Mary and Peggy, and his brothers Wilford, Billy, Dan, Jimmy, and Roy Gene.  When they were all together it was loud and fun.  They would often reminisce about the days of their childhood.  It was always fun listening.  We would all sit around in the living room or stand outside in the garage or backyard to visit.  The Gardner men all had a way that they would squat down when they talked to each other as they would drink a cold drink and smoke.  It’s funny, cause that ‘squat’ was done exactly the same by all of them.

They all grew up in Kaufman County and that’s where we would usually get together.  We would gather at Papa’s house or maybe at Uncle Gene and Aunt Betty’s.  Fun times.  I always looked up to them, all of them.

Now, the eight brothers and sisters are down to three.  My Aunt Mary, Uncle Gene, and my dad.  It’s sad to see such a generation get older.  I am very proud to be a Gardner.  I am glad to carry on the name.  I am so thankful I have the history I have growing up a Gardner.

I will miss my Uncle Jimmy…he is a good man.  He is now a perfect man in the presence of God.  Yeah, heaven got a little better today.  I am better because of him.  And for that, I am thankful.


5 Responses to “About my Uncle Jimmy…”

  1. Kent McCain Says:


    I am so sorry to hear about your uncle….. It sounds like he was loved. I hope all is well with you….I think the new church sounds awesome! I miss the days when I was a member of your youth group! Take care,
    In Him, KENT

  2. Wonderful tribute to our uncle. I well remember the days when I was a kid and daddy would pick Uncle Jimmy up from the bus station when he would get to come home on leave from the service. He would march around the kitchen and show us how his instructor was teaching them all to march and follow orders !!!!! That’s been a long time ago !!! Uncle Jimmy loved his family above all. I will miss him. And I’m glad I’m part of the Gardner clan too !!! Love you Sherman. Carolyn

  3. Sherman,

    As I told you, the tribute was great. The part about the “Gardner Squat” still cracks me up. I actually use to try and imitate my dad and his “squat”. He had it down pat.

    Anyway, I,too, am proud to be a Gardner and will miss Uncle Jimmy more than I can describe. He and I could talk airplanes all day. I’ll really miss that part.

    I remember his service time, as well. Dad picked him up a few times from the bus station, as well, and it was, indeed, always fun to hear his stories and be around him. I’ve always had tremendous respect for him for his having served in the military and he, too, was proud of it.

    I’ll see everyone Thursday night.

  4. Not to sound like a creeper or anything, but I love reading your blog because it is very eloquent. I’m sorry to hear about your uncle, and it’s unfortunate that death is a part of the life cycle since it’s so painful, but there’s always something better out there. 🙂

    Do I get points for using a “big word”? 🙂

  5. Sherman reading about Jimmy again made me cry. But that is good. It was great to read about your dad. I love you and all your family a lot. May GOD always be with you and yours. LOve Billie Jean

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