I Double-Dog Dare You!

I love Christmas time when I was kid.  All of us kids in the neighborhood would wake up Christmas morning after a long night before of trying to go to sleep and run into the living rooms to see what Santa brought.  You remember those times, that is so exciting.  It still makes my heart skip a beat today.  I vividly remember one cold West Texas Christmas morning waking up and running into the living room to see if I got what I really really wanted.  I wanted a 10 speed bicycle!  All the cool kids had a 10 speed, and I wanted to be cool, so I had to have a 10 speed bike.  And I did get the bike from Santa!  I was so excited and wanted to go out and ride it right away.

The thing to do in our neighborhood on Christmas morning after you woke up and saw all what Santa brought was to take it all outside and show it off.  And that’s just what I did.  I took out my 10 speed bike to show it off to the kids in the neighborhood.  Much to my dismay, it had sleeted and snowed the night before, leaving the roads caked with hard slick ice.  Now I don’t know about you but conditions like that do not look very inviting for a bike ride.  But I so badly wanted to ride my bike.

The boys in the neighborhood also wanted to see me ride my new bike.  So they told me, “go for it!”.  But I wasn’t so sure.  Actually I was quite nervous.  But they kept egging me on to ride my bike.  Then one of the boys, Donald, said the words that no boy could ever back down from…”I double-dog dare you.”  That was it.  There was no way around it now.  I had to ride my bike.  So I did.  I swung my leg over my bike and slowly rolled out of the driveway into the street.  I tried to peddle but the back tire just spun out from underneath me and I busted in the middle of the street, much to the delight of my neighborhood ‘friends’.

When a person double-dog dare’s another person, that’s like the ultimate challenge.  Our church, Christ Community Church, has had a great first year!  We celebrated our first anniversary on November 2.  We have experienced great growth in numbers and in spirit.  Now we’re looking at our second year.  We have a brand-new theme for our second year, Double It Up.  Our church family is being challenged to Double It Up in our efforts, involvement, inviting our friends, financially, prayer life, and so much more.

What about you?  How is your life going?  Is your walk with the Lord good?  Are you being blessed?  Are you being a blessing?  Are you a good employee?  Student?  Husband?  Wife?  Child?  Parent?  Maybe you have too many irons in the fire, too much on your plate…you’re overstressed and overworked and underpaid.  I want to challenge you to STOP.  Take a look around you and see if you truly have your priorities in order.  Because if you don’t then you won’t receive the full blessing that God has in store for you.  So do you?  Do you have your priorities in order?  Because if you don’t, I Double-Dog Dare you to get them in order.


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