Friday Night Lights…

On many Friday nights you will find me at the football field up in the press box helping film the Cougar Football games (GO COUGARS!).  I didn’t plan on getting involved in the actual shooting the games, but I’m glad I am.  My responsibility is to ‘direct’ the cameras and work on getting the best shots.  I really enjoy doing this.  I like the people I volunteer with too.  It’s a nice diversion to my ‘regular’ week…whatever that is! LOL!

So one of the things I really have noticed about this is the view of the game.  The view from the press box is pretty cool.  You’re up above the crowd and you can see ALL the action.  You can see both sidelines real well, all the action in both stands, the bands, drill teams, cheerleaders…of our side and theirs!

Now think about this…even though it’s the same stadium I’ve sat in for years, it’s different.  The view is different.  I can see better plus I can see more.  It’s the same game…but more is included in my view.  It’s a MUCH better perspective!

Sometimes it helps to back up, or step up a little, maybe squint your eyes some to get a better look at a situation.  Sometimes, it might take a different look from someone elses eyes.  A good perspective is everything.  We need a good look at the things that we are dealing with.

But we don’t always do that.  Sometimes, we go on just what WE see.  In the middle of life’s junk, we make judgment calls and life changing decisions without stopping to take a look…a better look.  Sometimes, we get too proud to ask for help, or clarification.

Want a better look?  Step up into the press box…the view’s great!


One Response to “Friday Night Lights…”

  1. we were glad you were there and that is one of a handful of reasons that I have been dong this for 13 years the veiw is always different from the press box and so are the people,in the smaller towns the folks are always friendly and will serve you the bigger towns you have to fend for your self and dont always get a good reception when you are the other team.
    Even tho the other team may never see the broadcast I always thank them on air for the hospitality they showed us and the food they fed sometime s good sometimes bad,but almost always a good veiw from the top.I will continue to do this as long as I am allowed and you can come visit us in the press box anytime and see the great view we see,thanks to Sherman Wes and Mat Bateman for stepping out of their comfort zone and taking the ride this season with us and hope they will want to come back next year. Duane Sanders The Colony Broadcasting Group

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