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Sunday Naps and iPhone Updates

Posted in Personal on July 20, 2008 by Sherman Gardner

Most things in life cost something…usually money! Some of the best things in life are still free…Sunday Naps are one of them. There’s nothing like a full morning at Church, then eat a little lunch and then stretch out in the recliner. The next thing you know you’re waking up in a fog. I love those naps! And I REALLY needed one today, but didn’t get one. It was one of those days that one thing ran into another and then the afternoon was gone.

One of the things that cut into the afternoon was upgrading my iPhone to the 2.0 software. It took forever! It first wiped EVERYTHING off the phone, software, contacts, dates, etc. Then it formatted itself then installed the latest software. It then restored all the personal data. All this took an hour. Not sure why, but it took way too long, in my opinion. Apple prides itself on its technology. Hmmmmm…whatever.

The iPhone is a great phone, but it seriously lacks some MAJOR features. It doesn’t have MMS texting, which means you can’t receive pictures, but you can send them to an email address…woo hoo. Big deal. And there is not a word processor built in. All that money…for what? Come on Apple…get it right.


My Friend Sean…and Kadesh

Posted in Uncategorized on July 19, 2008 by Sherman Gardner

Okay, so I have this friend, Sean. Sean is…hmmm, he’s right, sometimes…and sometimes well, he’s not. When he comes up with a new idea, I usually at least listen to him. He suggested that I try WordPress for my Blog, and so I thought I’d try it. So here it goes. My old blog is still out there. But I will try this for awhile.

I LOVED this session of Kadesh. My group totally rocked. I am so fired up for them! They are all getting to start college in the fall! That’s so awesome! I LOVE each of you guys so much! The week that we spent together is exactly what I needed. And Kirk’s baptism on Saturday morning was so awesome! I am so glad I got to witness that!

I love hanging out with Sean and Michael at Kadesh! We always tend to get into a little bit of trouble, but we usually are way more a positive influence than not…at least I am. It’s a shame that we get to hang out one week a year like that. They’re both trying to do something dumb, like a Master’s Degree…psshhhh… whatever! Haha! I really am proud of those two! We had a blast…Muchaco’s at midnight!!!!

Kadesh was fun…period.