Attempting Resolution

Have you ever had “that friend”? You know the one I’m talking about. That friend is someone who wants you around only when they need you. You want to be better friends with them, you want to be a good friend to them, you want them to be a good friend to you, but it never seems to work out that way. You try to have a meaningful conversation with them, but they always seem to be distracted, thinking about something else or someone else. Sometimes it seems like even though they are ‘there’, they’re not really there. And you know how it feels, I know how it feels. I don’t like it and I know you probably don’t like it either.

This is a time of year when we all look ourselves and think “I’ve got to change myself”. We start thinking of ways that we can improve our lives and sort of protect our hearts better. We don’t want to be hurt anymore. We’re tired of being taken for granted. We get tired of being overlooked. And yet we still tend to find ourselves putting ourselves back into situations like that over and over again. Why?

Being a Christian does not mean that we let people walk all over us. We are God’s children and God does not like us to be “used”. God intends for us to enjoy life to its fullest. Read your Bible, it tells you that very clearly. He wants us to have life more abundantly. All that means is, have a good time in life. It does not mean to go out and party. But it does mean to stop living life in a rut. Stop complaining, stop whining, stop cowering, stop letting people use you and abuse you… Just stop it!

So, got your resolutions ready to go? Are you ready to make promises again, like you did last year? You going to try to do that all by yourself, again? Why? Why try again what didn’t work the first time? Do you think it’s going to be different? I’m tired of hurting, both by myself and others.

Ok, so you do want to change, what are you going to do about it? All I can say is do not try to do this on your own. Surround yourself with people who REALLY care about you. No more of this trying to be included in a group that is not good for you. Be the good person that people really need you to be. Be who you really are meant to be…a child of God…and live life more abundantly!


3 Responses to “Attempting Resolution”

  1. Thanks, Sherman. I really needed that. We need to get together sometime this week. Call me when you can set up a time.

  2. Christin Hudson Says:

    This is just what you said at your sermon! It’s a well written blog, better than any of mine. 😉

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Sherman, thanks for all that you do for the church and youth ministery at CCC. You are always there for me and I know you will be there for me forever and ever to the end. Thanks for that blog you posted. It really shows me about friends.

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