I love watching the NASA channel when the Space Shuttle launches, or is in orbit, or returns to Earth. I find the NASA ‘chatter’ fascinating. It’s all so precise, and serious, and professional. It’s so awesome watching the launch and the time in space and the return. It’s mind-boggling how all this works together. Can you imagine how all that happens? I can’t either!

So as you’ve noticed, NASA has been having a hard time launching Atlantis. Something about a faulty fuel valve something or other. NASA wants to make sure it’s ready to go…which it’s not, so they’ve decided to postpone until January. So, NASA engineers are working hard on fixing the problem. You’d want everything to be ready before you blasted off in a shuttle, wouldn’t you?

In life people want things to be ready for various things as well. Things like parties, trips, moves, school, vacation, and so much more. And we often find ourselves rushing around and working hard at making sure everything is “ready”. But I ask myself often, are people really ready? Are they? To meet God? To see Him? To answer for themselves? For Life after Death?

Through the Blood of Christ we are ready. When a person accepts that gift of salvation paid for with the Blood of Christ, they are made ready!

But family, I have to ask you…do ‘they’ know? Who are ‘they’? ‘They’ are people. People who live around you, work around, go to class around you, walk around you, shop around you…’they’ are everywhere. Do they? Do they know that Jesus Saves? Are they ready for life after death? If you don’t ask them, tell them, invite them…who will? They may not have the luxury of waiting until next month like NASA to get the Shuttle ready.

Let’s help get people ready.


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