The Extra Hour

Here I am, trying to settle in for my night’s sleep (that obviously isn’t quick enough in coming) and a memory came to my mind. It was when it dawned on me when I was a kid that we changed time a couple of times a year. It registered with me during the fall daylight savings time change. You know, it’s the one where we ‘fall back’ an hour, as opposed to the ‘spring ahead’ one in the spring. With the ‘fall back’ time change comes an extra hour’s worth of sleep tonight! Yes! When that concept registered with me as a kid, it was my mom who told me about it. But, I guess I didn’t catch the whole explanation at first, because I thought the extra hour happened every night! Okay, now don’t laugh too much at me. It takes a real man to admit something like that.
Sad thing is in this day and time, an extra hour doesn’t make that much difference in our day, or time. We’re too busy. We go too fast. We miss too much. And we’re always too tired from trying to play catch up on it all.
I was at a nursing home many years ago, visiting one of our church members. It was obvious I didn’t have much time (let alone an extra hour) because I kept looking at my watch. The older man I was visiting commented on how nice my watch was and asked to see it. I showed it to him and he asked me to take it off my wrist so he could look at it closer. I did. He took it, looked at it and then put it in his pocket. He then said “Follow me”, which I reluctantly did (I’m in a hurry, remember?). We went out on the front porch to sit in the rockers, which I did, impatiently. He talked for a moment, then got quiet. I looked at my watch, and then I remembered that he took it, and so I started to ask for it back, and he shushed me! He asked me to sit real still and be quiet for a few moments and the hummingbirds would come up. I sat quietly, waiting for the hummingbirds (impatiently) in the warm afternoon sun. Next thing I knew, I was waking up! I looked up at the old man who was just grinning at me, holding my watch out to me. He leaned over to me and whispered as I took my watch back, “I love you Sherman…slow down.” I had been ‘out’ for almost an hour.
Hey you…shhhhh…slow down…


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