A New Beginning

This week I am ordering temporary banners (until we get our new permanent ones) to go over our church’s signs. We are changing our name. We will meet as a church family for the first time this next Sunday as Christ Community Church. This is a New Beginning! How many times in life do we get to have a new beginning? Well, a lot of us try at New Year, with resolutions. But we all know that sometimes, those resolutions fall short of our goal. The changing of a name on a church is also a type of resolution, but it is also so much more! We have chosen a new path for our family. It hurts in so many ways because change is often painful. But I want to be GREAT for Jesus and people.
One thing I really hate is mediocrity. Don’t you? It’s like being stuck, doing something the same way as before, hoping for a different result. I’ve also been told that’s definition of insanity! I am tired of mediocrity, so let’s become more. I want more. I want to be more. I expect more. More of me. More of my church family. More of God. God says seek Him first, and everything else will be taken care of. I think that sometimes we fall into seeking mediocrity (staying status quo) first, and the result is that nothing gets taken care of.
So, enough of status quo. I want more. I’m going to be more. I’m going to get more. Our church is going to be more…more than it ever has been! ALL TO THE GLORY OF GOD!
Do you want more? Then get off your tail, and get it…and stop settling and living halfway. Live out loud!


3 Responses to “A New Beginning”

  1. Sherm:
    ITA! I’m tired of just keeping the doors open. I want Christ Community Church to fling the open, burst out on The Colony and make a difference in people lives. I’m so ready for a new beginning and let it start with me. Sandy W

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hang on! God will provide the opportunities… Let’s step out and watch the miracles He will perform! Paul

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Not to cause offense.. but it seems like you are talking like the CoC was mediocrity.. I know that may not be an intention.. but that’s just opinion. I hope for good things for the church I spent a lot of my life at, but I wonder what the difference in your denomination will make.. This is not ment to be discouraging, but food for thought even though the name change has already taken place and nothing will reversed. It just makes me wonder.

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